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Creativity Cue of The Week - Salem Spirit in August!

Since a trip to Salem, Massachusetts has been booked this October for my birthday, I am getting into the spirit early! Thanks to Etsy and their wonderful artists like Margaryta Yermolayeva, who created this beautiful painting, I have begun filling my home with the essence of Salem at Halloween!

What essence stirs your passion? Hang it up, post it onto a t-shirt, coffee mug, or a pencil! It will make you feel better and inspire your creative spirit.

Audrey says, "Here's to the Halloween spirit in August!"

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Melody DeBlois
Melody DeBlois
Aug 08, 2021

I am passionate about the ocean and have it all around me in pictures, photos, and colors. Maybe that's why my series is called Love is a Beach, lol.


Roxanne Dunn
Roxanne Dunn
Aug 07, 2021

What a great idea! Thanks.

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