Bay of Darkness Reviews

"Vivien is a paranormal cleanser she discovers and has great power inside her, power a great demon named Dagda wants to control for his own dark purposes.  If you're looking for a persuasive paranormal book you won't be able to put down, pick up Bay of Darkness today." 
Mrs. N. - N.N. Lights Book Heaven


What a unique, lyrical story populated with vividly drawn characters and beautiful imagery. Bay of Darkness weaves in themes of good and evil and the duality which exists within all of us with our light and shadow sides. Vivien, the heroine, must learn to trust her power of intuition and her psychic abilities not only to realize her own true power, but also to save the world from the threat of darkness. If you love stories with goddesses and myths and Ireland and California, check out this debut!

Claire Marti, author of Finding Forever in Laguna and Pacific Vista Ranch Book Series