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Welcome Author Kristal Dawn Harris

Her new Paranormal Romance The Rings of Faolan-Rubies is fresh off the press!

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Publication Date: May 29, 2019

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a pretty easy-going author with an addiction to peppermint chocolate and Diet Mt. Dew! I grew up in a small town in Ohio in a blue-collar, working-class family. My mother and her friends used to read historical romance, so there was always a thick book lying around the house. I started reading those novels in my late teens, so romance has been a part of my life for a very long time. After marrying, my husband joined the United States Air Force, so I’ve lived in Texas and Arizona. I love to travel and meet new people. After finishing an Accounting Tech degree, I quickly realized I prefer writing over numbers. In addition to writing novels, I also dabble in song writing, singing and poetry. In 1999, I suffered a disability from Guillain-Barre Syndrome which damaged all the nerves in my extremities. Although I wear drop-foot braces in order to walk, my life is full and happy. I’m a survivor above all things who loves to fall in love!

How do you find time to write?

My kids are grown, have lives of their own in different parts of the country, and my husband works, so finding time to write isn’t a problem. I can write in the morning and the evening, but prefer to write when darkness falls and the world is quiet. Sometimes normal life gets in the way, but it’s short-lived. I’m a highly driven personality, so my real problem is knowing when to take a break.

What are your publishing tips?

I’ve been running to catch up since October 2018, when my first book launched, “The Rings of Faolan-Emeralds.” I can only say, “Don’t give up and don’t take anything personal.” If you go through a publisher expect some time to pass before your book receives a release date. Editing, cover design, and all the things that go into publishing a book take time. If you’re self-publishing, hire an editor and a great cover designer. You can be a “hybrid” author, or an author who publishes both ways, and there is nothing wrong with this. Marketing your book is its own monster. Plan on spending many more hours marketing than writing.

Any promotional and marketing tips?

Social media is your friend, but use it wisely and limit your time. You’ll need reviews and other authors are willing to swap, but this takes away writing time, so be careful how much you take on. I haven’t found any method of marketing/promotion that is full-proof or guaranteed to provide results, but the more your name is out there, the better. Quality ads and creative thinking helps. I use Canva for ads and Wondershare Filmora for book trailers. If you’re going to blog, make sure you blog about something interesting. I am the worst author on the planet for newsletters, but when I do one, I try to create an eye-catching, informative, short, but interesting post. You can sign up for my newsletter or read my blog posts at I think the best advice I can give is to write a great book then promote your name and your work on all social media outlets as much as possible!

When you get up in the morning, what is it that makes want to keep on writing and tell a story?

I have always had a huge imagination. Losing myself in a world I build, with characters I create, is highly satisfying. I sometimes find myself bogged down and feeling a bit hopeless if I watch too much of the news or with situations in my personal life. Writing romance keeps me centered and allows my own hope to shine through even when faced with the worst odds.

Lastly, tell us about your recent book.

“The Rings of Faolan-Rubies,” launched May 29, 2019. This book is second in my werewolf series. Michael Faolan is the eldest brother who meets his destined mate, Natalie Terrence. This pair fight off hunters, a group out to eradicate all Lycan, while facing more challenges and falling in love. The book is set in the scenic Wicklow Forest of Ireland. Michael Faolan is dark, deadly, romantic and humorous. Natalie blossoms into a sexy, alpha female who challenges Michael at every turn. The pair sizzle on the pages! I’m a sucker for a great shifter romance, so the book was a pleasure to write.


From the first, Michael Faolan and Natalie Terrence knew they were destined to be Lycan mates, but constant danger in Michael's life keeps them separated. They are stalked by the hunters, a group of men who plan to eradicate all Lycan as vermin. Natalie refuses to acknowledge the bond that she has with Michael until hunters burn down his barn and he is gravely injured. She cannot resist his call, even with the threat hanging over his head.

Michael Faolan has secrets of his own, but he is happy to accept Natalie's ministrations. Their attraction ignites into flames of passion as they continue to fight the hunters. Could his secrets dampen the hunger Natalie feels for her mate, or can they use that desire to build a family and forge a love so strong no man, woman, or beast can tear them apart?


Michael stepped closer to the wall when she slipped under her covers. He braced his hands against the stone. Sweat ran down his back and disappeared into the waistband of his loose jeans. The scent of her arousal drenched his body. He soaked it into his pores and his mind. His eyes glowed silver in the darkness. The predator rose to the surface quickly. His canines dropped over his lower lip. His body trembled all over, on the cusp of losing control. He rode the edge somewhere between man and wolf. His teeth snapped together before he collapsed on the floor to embrace the change.

Bones cracked and popped in the darkness. Black fur covered his skin as his body reshaped itself. His face elongated into a black snout. Huge paws formed where his hands and feet had been. Thunder clapped loudly above Heather Ridge. He was thankful for it as his body slammed into the wall. He held on too long before allowing his wolf to emerge. Now the beast was restless and edgy. Natalie’s scent still saturated the air even though she was asleep. His wolf growled low and deep with her so close.

Thank you for stopping by Kristal and congratulations on your new release!

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3 Kommentare

Kristal Harris
Kristal Harris
04. Juli 2019

Thanks Mary Morgan and bbettis1!!!!

Gefällt mir

03. Juli 2019

Really enjoyed your post, Kristall. Best of luck with your latest book.

Gefällt mir

Mary Morgan
Mary Morgan
03. Juli 2019

Enjoyed getting to know you more, Kristal! Wishing you continued success with your new release. Love wolves and Ireland! I'm intrigued.

Gefällt mir
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