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Freaky Friday: Haunted Rome

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

I started searching haunts all over the world and found some stories from Haunted Rome!

Check this one out about the notorious Roman Emperor Nero.

Nero (37-68 AC)

Legend has it that after his death, the controversial Emperor Nero was buried in the center of Piazza del Popolo and that a walnut tree was planted above his tomb. His bones, however, began to attract spirits and demons that brought great fear to the residents of the area. The citizens asked Pope Pasquale II for help. In 1099, he had an apparition of the Vergin Mary, who suggested that he cut down the walnut, unearth the bones of the Emperor, burn, and disperse them in the Tiber.The spirits disappeared, and a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built in place of the walnut.In 1472, Pope Sixtus IV built the current Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo. Inside it, above the main altar, there is an arch decorated with bas-reliefs depicting Pope Pasquale II in the act of cutting down the walnut tree.

For more stories click on link below:

Be well and have a mystical weekend!

S.K. Andrews

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