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Renfield Movie: A hilarious, raucous, wicked paranormal ride!

I loved this movie! And yes, there is some gore, but it's a Dracula movie - there's no way you will get away from gore. Also, it's presented in an over the top cartoony way.

No spoilers here, because this scene is in the movie trailer, but when Renfield joins a support group to stand up for himself and get away from Dracula - hysterical comedy dialogue and shenanigans ensue. That is just part of the fun!

Nicolas Cage, Nicholas Hoult, and Awkwafina are a great combination. All the actors in this film shine, as well as the script and direction.

I must recommend this movie because it is exactly what it sets out to be - a Horror Comedy Romp!

So, go get your Dracula on!

S.K. Andrews

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