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Our Favorite Movie Ghosts 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 19

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 19

Hello Halloweenies!

My name is Patsy and I'm the manager of Java Hut coffee house in Half Moon Bay, CA. Please come in and partake of the best Pumpkin Spice coffee in the Bay Area!

When I told Vivien about my idea to post our favorite ghosts in film for the Kelly Society team and our Java Hut crew, here's what we came up with.



Say that three times! Albeit, Beetlejuice manipulates all the characters in this film for his own selfish ends, he is damn funny! In my opinion, this is one of Michael Keaton's best roles and it is that of a psychotic ghost! Who can forget his bio- exorcism commercial as a madcap rodeo star (to help ghosts exorcise the living from their house) and the constant one liners/shenanigans he perpetrated. Of course, in the end he got his comeuppance, and although it was fitting (given everything he'd done to others) we still felt a bit of loss. But Beetlejuice is the one laughing, because his character lives on. He's even on Broadway!

Sam Wheat

The sexiest ghost ever - Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat. How can we not get swept up in this story as Sam protects his girlfriend Molly from danger and solves his own murder. The hysterical scenes with Patrick and Whoopie (as Oda Mae Brown) bring levity to a very sad situation. Sam's pain deepens when he discovers his friend was involved in his demise, but said "Friend" gets it in the end with a trip to hell - literally! At any rate, we all loved watching Sam unravel the mystery and his own crossing over at the end. And who can ever forget that pottery wheel scene!


We couldn't leave out a classic - Caspar! That sweet ghostly boy stole our hearts with his kindness and humor. After combating cons and saving James, Kat's father from deadly harm Caspar is granted a dance as a human with the girl of his dreams. He truly lived up to his reputation as "Caspar, the friendly ghost."

The Ghost of Christmas Past & Present

This one is a bit of a mash up between Halloween and Christmas, but these ghosts came up again and again on our voting ballots. It seems the Ghost of Christmas Past (the elderly woman in red) and the Ghost of Christmas Present (the man wearing a colossal Christmas wreath) are two of our most favorite ghosts on film from the 1970 musical film Scrooge, starring Albert Finney.

After Halloween is over we still have something to look forward to, because Mommy lets us watch Scrooge every Christmas!

(Audrey with her sister Vivien)

Everyone have a safe and happy Halloween!


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