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Haunted History Trail of New York State 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 21

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 21

Greetings Spookers!

It's Shawn today hosting this post. I'm the second psychic with The Kelly Society and since we are heavy into haunting investigations, I'm going to feature highlights from great website I just discovered. Even though I'm in Half Moon Bay, California, Jason and I plan to visit New York State and partake in some events listed on Haunted History Trail of NY State!

I'll include the link at the bottom, but here are some of the thrills on their trail!


The Allegiance

The Allegiance is a beautiful, historic, and elegantly restored circa-1838 mini-White House mansion, tastefully decorated to reveal the grandeur of the Victorian era. Although its name honors Francis Bellamy, a "local son" who authored our Pledge of Allegiance, it's not Francis who frequently pays a visit. The inside is home to two friendly yet mischievous permanent residents – Karen and Raymond (don't call him Ray - he doesn't like it). Karen has been spotted ascending the stairs a few times with her straight, gray hair and long dress, and Raymond is known for being quite chatty.


145 Main Street Mount Morris, NY 14510 P: (585) 658-3524

Batcheller Mansion

One of America's great Victorian houses, the Batcheller Mansion is an American architectural masterpiece. It is an elegant mixture of a small hotel and living history museum, with the intimate feel of a bed & breakfast.

The home has gone through many changes over the years and today has been restored to its original brilliance and sits as the "Crown Jewel" of Saratoga Springs. The Batcheller Mansion Inn has been featured on HGTV's Front Door Series for its Victorian architecture and was used as the filming location for the motion picture thriller "The Skeptic." With so much history and character, do George Batcheller, his family, and friends still roam the halls of their splendid home years later?

Tales of supernatural experiences have been shared by the Batcheller Mansion Inn's staff and guests alike. The Albany Paranormal Research Society (APRS), a proud TAPS Family member, had the pleasure of investigating the location twice previously with results of evidence captured.


20 Circular Street Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 P: (518) 584-7012

The Shanley

Just because you rent a room at the Shanley doesn't mean you'll be staying the night. Over the years, visitors have reported rocking chairs seen rocking on their own, mysterious clock chimes, cold and hot spots, whistling, footsteps, piano music, voices, the laughing of children - even the aromas of cooking when no food is being prepared. Many have seen shadows and apparitions at the Shanley, and report the feeling of being watched.

The Shanley is known for being a paranormal hotel, and was featured on TV shows "Ghost Lab" and "Ghost Hunters." Refreshments served during ghost hunts/investigations. Continental breakfast with an overnight stay.


56 Main Street Napanoch, NY 12458 P: 845-217-3112

The Belhurst

The Belhurst has a colorful past of love affairs, embezzling funds, even death.

Locals have called the three buildings on the property the "haunted houses." Throughout history, the buildings changed hands many times, some turning old and dilapidated - with their broken windows and strange towers sparking stories of underground passages and hidden treasures. But are they truly haunted? One such house, the Hermitage, saw its owner die of blood poisoning after falling and breaking his leg. Another crumbling house was torn down in the spring of 1888, in preparation for the Belhurst Castle. Over the four years that it took to construct the four-story mansion, one man fell from the tower and died, and another went insane while assembling the roof.

But Belhurst's most well-known ghost is Isabella (whom Belhurst's spa and salon is named after), the beautiful opera singer often seen dressed in white. According to local stories, Isabella fled with her forbidden lover, Spanish Don, to America, where they built a house with a secret tunnel. When the authorities came looking for them, they tried to escape through the underground passage to their awaiting boat, only for the tunnel to collapse on Isabella. To this day, the white lady is said to walk the shores of Seneca Lake, grieving her lost lover. She has been seen standing at night in the middle of the front lawn or as an apparition flying in through windows.

Staff have witnessed many haunted activities - from showers turning on and off in guest rooms, to bottles and glasses flying around the bar, even coming in to see tablecloths tied to the chandeliers. Guests report hearing the sound of a soft lullaby being sung in the middle of the night, or the sound of children playing and screaming in the room next to them - most commonly reported by pregnant women. Others hear the sound of furniture being moved above them, coming from the room that once housed the roulette wheel and gambling tables when Belhurst was a speakeasy and gambling casino.

Who will you see when you spend the night? Will it be Isabella - or perhaps Dick O'Brien, an old caretaker that passed away in 1972? Guests still see him walking up the stairs or sitting in his favorite chair. Check into Belhurst Castle and find out for yourself.


4069 West Lake Road Geneva, NY 14456 P: 315-781-0201

The Haunted Inns above are just a taste of what is offered on Haunted History Trail of NY State. They also feature Haunted Dining, Creepy Locations, Ghost Hunts, and Guided Tours.

Check it all out here:

Hint . . . hint, mommy. Can you please make it Halloween?

Enjoy your spooky visit to New York and all its history!


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