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Fun Author Interview on Barry Eva's radio show: A Book and a Chat!

Barry Eva's Radio Shows

Barry is the host of several radio shows. "A Book and a Chat" with over 1500 shows " All air on "A Book and a Chat" Tuesday at 6:30PM ET and Wednesday at 7:00PM and "Those were the Days" music from the 20th Century Sunday at 5PM ET and "The Swinging 60's" Sunday at 6:00PM ET 60 solid minutes of the music from the 60's on

Demons, ghosts, Celtic warrior queens, creating compelling stories, swimming in the Pacific Ocean, and shenanigans with cats! That's what we talked about in a fun, frolicking interview I had as a guest on Barry Eva's radio show!

Check it out! The link for my interview is below, as well as Barry's website.

Thanks, Barry!

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