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Freaky Friday: "That wasn't me. You saw my Fetch!"

Happy Friday the 13th!

Greetings from author S.K. Andrews!

It's another Freaky Friday and today we're talking about seeing a Fetch. Here is a scene from the first book of The Kelly Society series Bay of Darkness between Vivien Kelly (our heroine) and the first meeting with her psychic mentor Katherine:

Vivien looked behind her chair and then back at the woman. “Excuse me, but were you here just a moment ago?” The woman nodded with a smile. “Ah! You must have seen my Fetch.” “What?” “In Irish folklore it’s called a Fetch. That is when you see a vision of a person arriving, just before that person has truly arrived.” “So, you’re sure you weren’t here just a minute ago?” The woman casually waved a hand in the air. “No, that was my Fetch.” Vivien stared blankly at her Irish visitor. “Don’t be surprised you saw it. You do possess second sight, you know.” She lifted her chin. “In fact, I’m glad you saw it in the morning hours. Belief has it, if the Fetch is seen in the morning, its original is expected to enjoy a long life. If seen at night, a speedy death awaits that person.” Page 24.

Many people also call these encounters Doppelgangers, but according to many articles a Fetch is different in that it's not malevolent. Of course, not all doppelganger encounters have been negative, but the majority of those reported have been.

I have not experienced this phenomenon myself, but in researching Irish folklore for Bay of Darkness, I came upon this anomaly and had to add it to my script.

But, I wonder - has anyone out there seen a Fetch? Essentially, a person arriving a few minutes before they arrived?

Stay well and may your paranormal experiences be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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