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Freaky Friday: Haunted Herbie Visits Broadway Belasco Theatre

The first stop of Haunted Herbie's travels takes us to the haunted Belasco Theatre on Broadway in New York City!

The Belasco is known to be haunted by it's first owner David Belasco and actress Olive Thomas, so Herbie just had to go!

He also loved the current play in performance Good Night, Oscar starring Sean Hayes! A Tony Award winning actor for his role in the show! Bravo, Sean!

Herbie had to be coaxed at first to get a pic in front of the theatre, because he was scared and shy, but in the end he took a great photo!

After all, he took in a sumptuous Italian dinner at Tony's di Napoli just a block from the theatre before the show. So, with a full tummy, Herbie moved forward on his mission!

Once inside, Herbie gazed in awe at the Tiffany lamps and beautiful décor David Belasco built into his theatre back in 1907, which has been updated over the years.

For now, Herbie is home and will check in at his next Haunted location.

Be well, and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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