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Freaky Friday: Ghost Attachments

Frankly, this is a very serious subject, but in this post I'm taking a comical view. Below is a scene from my book Bay of Darkness when Jason, the videographer for Vivien Kelly's paranormal cleansing team The Kelly Society tries to banish ghosts from his friend's house with no training!

Bay of Darkness

Vivien moved through the bedroom and thrust open her balcony’s French doors. She awkwardly tugged on her favorite cream terry cloth robe.
“Vivien! Thank God! You’ve got to help me!” Jason begged as loud as he could without screaming at eight o’clock in the morning. Planted on her back lawn, he looked as if his sanity hung by a thread. Surrounding Jason stood four elderly ghosts.
Astonished, Vivien took in a man straightening his red bow tie, two women in house coats wearing pink sponge curlers in their silver hair, and a bald man adjusting a pair of thick black glasses onto the bridge of his nose.
Vivien’s hands smacked hard onto the wooden railing. “What did you do?”
“You said she could help us!” the man in the bow tie bellowed.
Throwing Jason a venomous look, her eyes narrowed. “Oh, you told them I would help, huh?”
“I had to tell them something. Meet me on your front porch, please!” Jason blubbered, with hands over his ears.
“Can you see them?”
“No, but I can definitely hear them!”
With crossed arms, Vivien glared. “All right, but they are not coming into my house.”
After one step from her balcony, she turned back. “Wait a minute. How come the doorbell kept ringing while you were down there?”
The ghost in thick glasses slowly raised his hand with a guilty face.
Shaking her head, Vivien grabbed the bowl of sage which always sat on her bureau. The minute she opened her front door, Jason dove into her house.
“You wouldn’t believe it! They were in my car telling me how to drive!”
“Was it helpful?”
The ghosts guffawed on her front porch—the one with glasses slapping the back of the man with the bow tie. “You realize why we scolded this young man, don’t you? He was going so fast, we were afraid he would join us!” one of the women in curlers proclaimed with hands on hips.
“All right, you can all shut up now!” Jason shouted into the air and then faced Vivien. “If you help them, I promise I’ll never do this again.”
“You mean a half-assed exorcism attempt?”
His head dropped as he expelled a grunt. “I thought I could do it.”
She put a hand on Jason’s shoulder, finally letting him off the hook. “I feel they are ready to go. They’re just confused.”
“Okay. What should I do?”
“Make some coffee.”
“Coming right up.” Darting to the kitchen, Jason started brewing strong espresso drip coffee. . .

Pages 135-137

Be well and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

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