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Freaky Friday: Beware the Baobhan Sith! A Wicked Banshee of the Scottish Highlands

Painting by Alfonso Pardo

A cross between banshee, succubus, and vampire, a Baobhan Sith is a fascinating predator in Celtic Folklore. This dark creature fears iron and horses. Go figure!

Here is how paranormal cleanser Vivien Kelly schemes to defeat a Baobhan Sith in Bay of Darkness after a little girl and her friends unwittingly summoned her during a game of seance.

The Baobhan Sith hailed from the highlands of Scotland as a particularly evil and dangerous form of banshee. As a hybrid, she also possessed a strain of siren—hungering for handsome young men. A common tale told the account of four male friends on a hunting trip. After entering an abandoned cabin, they drank and made merry. One of the men wished for female companionship and after a knock at the door, four beautiful maidens joined them. A few dances later, blood splattered across the cabin walls, but one man escaped. With the fourth Sith at his heels, he took shelter between the horses outside—creating a barrier she could not cross. When dawn approached, the Sith had vanished.

Vivien racked her brain to remember what held off the monster. Something connected to the horses kept the man safe. A horseshoe popped into her mind. That’s it! The iron on the horse’s hooves stopped the Sith. The hag feared metal. Not having dealt with this entity S. K. Andrews 106 before, any information helped. Vivien wore a Celtic Triskele around her neck, but the quarter-sized silver medallion would not be enough. Looking for something metallic, she decided to play it cool. Crossing her arms, she cocked her head. “Shouldn’t you be seducing some hot surfer dude right about now? I know you strike after sunset.”

Pages 105-106

So, if you ever come face to face with a Baobhan Sith have a nickel handy!

Be well and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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