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Freaky Friday: A Cameo of Zombies!

Art by: Munkierevolution / Deviant Art

Welcome to this week's Freaky Friday!

I am paranormal fiction author S.K. Andrews. I'm currently writing book 3 of The Kelly Society series and I've come up with a way to include a cameo of zombies! I am so excited, because these sad and scary creatures are one of my favorite monsters.

The working title is: Sekhmet the Wicked

Book Blurb:

Ancient horror is out there. Sekhmet wasn’t supposed to live again, and there's only one person keeping her from controlling the world in utter evil - paranormal cleanser Vivien Kelly.

Besides protecting the modern world from a new, yet, ancient wickedness, Vivien must banish annoying zombies? If anyone can do it, she can! She is an uber psychic and a paranormal cleanser that kicks ass! Along with her team The Kelly Society, of course!

Her most powerful nemesis is yet to come - Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess of war, chaos, and pestilence. Her bloodthirsty ways could destroy life as we know it, but Vivien and the team won't let that happen!

Until then,

Be well, read on, and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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