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Bay of Darkness Release Day! From Affirmation to Publication!

This affirmation was written by me and placed into a Wish Jar for an exercise I did in a meditation class. Today being publication day for my paranormal novel Bay of Darkness, brought this affirmation to fruition! I love my publisher the Wild Rose Press and it is a match made in heaven! They also want to see my next manuscript (the second book in the Kelly Society trilogy).

The funny thing is. . . . I wrote that back in 2012. I had no publisher, and my writing consisted of way too many run on sentences! I found this in a jar while decluttering about a week ago. That jar had been in Los Angeles, in storage for 4 years in New Jersey, and finally pulled out of a box in Beacon, NY in November of 2017.

So, here it is! Pub Day! Keep writing down those wishes, because they do come true!

Now -

If you’re in the mood for a powerful psychic warrior woman kicking ass against monsters, centuries old love reignited in the modern world, a family feeling paranormal cleansing team striving to make the world safe from an ancient Celtic demon, a clan of hot Celtic warriors, passionate past lives, and the stunning locations of Clonakilty, Ireland and Half Moon Bay, California—then, Bay of Darkness is the book for you!

Please enjoy some lovely photos of these brilliant locations - Clonakilty & Half Moon Bay!

Mick Finns Pub, Clonakilty, Ireland!

Clonakilty, Ireland

Half Moon Bay, California

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