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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 5 - Tales of Trick or Treating

31 Days of Halloween

with The Kelly Society

Day 5

Greetings All,

My name is Abby and I know Vivien Kelly and Neal from serving them delicious coffee at Java Hut in downtown Half Moon Bay, CA.

Vivien asked me to share a childhood trick or treat story, so here it is.

I was about thirteen years old. I went out trick or treating with my sister and our friends down the block. We came to a house that looked very gloomy. In the doorway, a creepy witch told us we had to come inside to get our candy.

So, of course we went in, because we wanted our candy! The Halloween witch said we could not come in together. We had six in our group, so we went in two by two. I entered with a friend after the first two rounded the corner inside the dark house.

Now, that would be fine, except for the fact that I took too long to notice decorations on the wall and wondering if someone would pop out. When I turned around my friend was gone! I was alone.

I looked behind me. From the living room I saw the witch filling the doorway and telling trick or treaters they must wait. I had to walk down the stairs. A scary thing all in black told me I must get down that stairway. I glanced back at the front door wicked witch one more time, and she looked impatient. If I didn’t move, no one else could trick or treat. This better be some good candy I thought, even in the midst of my fear.

I rounded the corner and started down the 70’s shag carpeted stairs. Slowly I stepped down inch by inch. I wanted to run, but my terrified heart thought I’d catch the attention of Jason from Friday the 13th movies, or some such creature! But, as I treaded slowly, a hand grabbed my ankle. I screamed bloody murder! Then, I ran full speed down the stairs.

The moment I whirled my white tutu Princess body away from the bottom step, another ugly witch stood in front of me. I could not move. She held out a large black bowl with little round things held within. In the extremely dim lighting I put my hand into the bowl, because I saw the open door behind her and knew I would not get out until I touched the contents of her bowl. I reached in tentatively and felt three slimy little balls.

The witch smiled eerily. “They are eyeballs.”

I ran like lightening across the empty room and out the open door into the night! I found myself in a lower backyard and had to walk up a short hill on my right to get to the sidewalk. Halfway up the hill I reunited with my trick or treat group. I tugged my friend’s hood. “Hey, where did you go? I had to walk through that haunted house all by myself.” She tried to assure me that her catching up to the others in the house was an accident, but I know my friend had been scared and ran ahead. About ten minutes and a few Snicker bars later, I forgave her.

My advice to future trick or treaters: Don’t run away from your fellow trick or treaters when in a Halloween Haunted House!

Here’s a bonus trick or treat story:

A friend of mine told me a house on their street produced many screams one Halloween night. However, the screams did not come from inside a haunted house tour, they happened on the porch.

The man’s son who was in his early twenties sat on the porch in a rocking chair dressed as a scarecrow. In overalls and straw hat, he sat with his face down. He sat very still, and with lots of stuffed dummies on other front steps along the street, no one thought anything of it.

Ding Dong!

The door opens, and out comes the man and his wife. “Trick or treat!” the young group chants. After the children get their candy, the man says “Happy Halloween!” and admires the children’s costumes.

Then, the scarecrow comes to life and screams! The kids shriek every time, and then the shouts turn to laughter while they run down the stairs. He tricked all the trick or treaters that night and my buddy still tells the story.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Remember to come by Java Hut for our delicious Pumpkin Spiced Latte.


The Kelly Society

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