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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 5 - Donna Lauden

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 5

Welcome fellow Halloweenies! I’m Donna Lauden professional astrologer and owner of Luna Books in downtown Half Moon Bay. My husband Roger and I run our store out of an old Victorian house and live at the top. We love it! You may have already read that Roger will play Ichabod Crane at this year’s Halloween bash. I’m doing his costume and it’s going to be perfect! Get your cameras ready, because we are also marching in the Halloween parade down Main Street carrying a banner for Luna Books. Next to Ichabod (my gorgeous hubby) I will be dressed as a wench. Yes, I’m going to channel my inner wench!

The picture I selected for this post was taken by Vivien when she visited Lough Gur Heritage Centre in Limerick, Ireland. It’s a gorgeous, magical place with a lake, green hills, majestic trees, and the most beautiful hiking trails. She showed me photos (Roger and I can’t wait to visit in person) and I’m sharing more below. But what you see above is a rock painted as a fairy house, and that’s because that rock is part of a fairy hill. Vivien told me she walked up a trail to find a hill of small fairy houses, signs, trees, and painted rocks. She said the energy on that knoll felt like absolute magic!

Also, Vivien’s friends Mary and Brian told her about two occurrences where fairies made the news! Twice workers in Ireland were about to rip up a fairy space to build a highway or construct a new building. Well, the moment the machines were ready to destroy a known fairy circle, they stopped working. They had just been inspected and were operational, but again, their motors shut down when threatening a fairy location. They told the workmen to go in and manually dig up the area, but each man refused to do it. In the second instance, they were to uproot a fairy tree for a new road. Well, once they realized none of the dozers would work properly, they made the road split around the tree, and then come together again.

Amazing! I think I believe in fairies now!

Actually—I always did. :)

Okay, I have to get back to selling little witch hats attached to Luna Book pencils!

Have a safe and magical Halloween Season!


for TKS

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