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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 4 - The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 4

In October of 2018, I discovered The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, an incredibly fun, spooky, and delightful show on Netflix.

Hello, it is Vivien Kelly again and I’m excited to share this production with all our Kelly Society blog followers! You can still view this show on Netflix because, yes—it’s that good! The creation in the photo above are two of her Mummy cookies baked on the show.

Christine McConnell is a uniquely talented photographer, artist, baker, and builder of beautiful things.

On her show Christine was not alone. She shared it with three friends from Jim Henson’s creature shop.

Rose, a raccoon who was crushed to death in the back of a garbage truck, but reanimated by Christine.

Rankle, the mummy of an ancient Egyptian cat that Christine found in an antique store. She read the spell on his burial plate, which brought him back to life.

And lastly, the big one is Edgar, a werewolf that was left on Christine's doorstep and now lives with her. More compelling and creepy monsters, ghosts, and live people abound in this series, but I’ll let you all discover them on your own. No more spoiler alerts here!

Christine delights us with eerie looking desserts like gingerbread haunted houses, caramel spiders, and bones made of pretzel sticks, peanut butter and white chocolate, among other delicacies.

I’ve compiled photos of her Netflix show’s curious creations, some favorites from her Instagram, and a fiendish ice cream dessert she made on Good Morning America—Vampire milkshakes!

Unfortunately, a second season did not materialize for the Netflix show, but in true entrepreneurial fashion, Christine reinvented herself with her own Patreon Utube show called:

From the Mind of Christine McConnell

I’m happy to say I am a monthly Patreon of Christine McConnell’s Utube show. There are several tiers to choose from and the site describes what you receive with each one. Christine’s baking, building, and charmingly spooky projects delight my day. They are always creative and fun.


Patreon Link:

Christine shows us how to sew a vintage gothic apron (complete with a pink coffin box), sew a a vintage pillow, restore a gramophone, bake an apple pie with an artistic tree crust topping, and even carve a couch!

For her first Halloween livestream 2020, Christine concocted Poison Apple Punch! Each time she lists the ingredients and/or materials needed, so us patreons can make each creation right along with her. It's so fun!

The Winchester Mystery House even commissioned Christine to create a gingerbread house replica of the Winchester Mansion. She did so with heart stopping accuracy, and you can find her journey and stunning result on her Utube channel.

All I can say, is I’m looking forward to her Halloween Season and all the crafts we shall make, and all the delicacies we shall bake! I’m also relishing what she will come up with for the holiday season.

Here are some highlight photos from The Mind of Christine McConnell.

Happy Halloween to Christine and her crew!

Christine McConnell in Salem, MA at Halloween!

And, Happy Halloween Season to all our followers!

Vivien Kelly

The Kelly Society

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