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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 30 - Vivien & Donna

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 30

Look out! Vivien and Donna are back! And this time we want to hear from you!

Donna: First, Vivien will share a brief Halloween memory, and then we want to hear yours. It can be about trick or treating, a costume, a party, decorations (disasters and successes), or anything else you want, but the only rule is—it has to be relevant to Halloween (and PG rated). Just add your story to the comments below. I got the idea for our readers to share and Vivien came up with a Halloween story, so together we have created this post.

Here we go!

Vivien: One of my favorite Halloween trick or treat experiences was when I accompanied a girlfriend and her sons around their neighborhood. Now—their neighborhood was, and still is very devoted to Halloween! Each house in the three mile radius partakes of the cherished holiday with extreme decorations, costumes, candy, and pumped up music!

Many homes had a party going on in their driveway. We stopped at one house and danced next to someone in a gigantic Stay Puft Marshmallow man costume to the entire Ghostbusters theme song! All kinds of costumed humans danced with us as their quest for candy came to a temporary halt.

Here's a video from a different year of trick or treating. So fun to stop and dance between houses!

Then, we came to a house that entertained trick or treaters at the front door, but also hosted a Halloween party. The witchy lady at the door asked us adults (excluding the ones taking their kids around, of course) if we wanted some water, or a drink. In a state of delighted shock I said, “I’ll have a drink!” I was shown to the backyard where a bar had been set up and they handed me a solo cup of red wine. So fun! I drank responsibly, of course, but I had the best time telling my friends later on that I went trick or treating for a glass of wine!

And now—tell us your memory of Halloween in the comments below!

Vivien and Donna

for TKS

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