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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 29 - Abby

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 29

I get my Halloween adrenaline rush from haunted parks! Hi, you guys! It’s Abby, your cashier from Java Hut—and Josh wants it mentioned yet AGAIN, how awesome his Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are!

Okay, on to my post. Oh, and by the way, I had a feeling about Neal and Vivien every time they would come into the coffee house. I never saw them actually together, but I swear when one would leave, the other would walk in, and they just kept missing each other! Haha! But it all ended happily with time.

The photo above is from the cast of Knott’s Scary Farm (the normal name is Knott’s Berry Farm). I go down to visit my friend in Los Angeles every October, and it’s a scream! When we go through Ghost Town, they have zombie gunslingers and ghouls of every kind. Some cast members wear special hardware over their knees so they can slide toward their victims! They call them ‘Sliders’. They are not allowed to touch the patrons of course, but they sure get close. My friend and I absolutely love it! The entire park is transformed, and even the rides have creatures on the inside ready to reach out at you, or shriek!

Besides Knott’s Scary Farm, the most fun I’ve had has been at the L.A. Haunted Hayride! My friends and I got onto the hay filled truck with about ten other people. We went through many scary sections, but the one that got me was when we pulled into the tent of evil clowns! On top of a small hill, we descended. But just before we started down, one clown stepped out of a tent and jumped up and down, excited to meet us! I looked at my friends and said, “Oh, no! Clowns!” We all shivered and hunkered down to the bottom of the flatbed truck. When we got into the tent, I thought we’d keep moving, but the truck stopped and it was pitch black. After about two seconds, everyone (even guys) screamed! They surrounded us, and shoved their faces close to ours. They didn’t touch us, but we were terrified just the same. When the truck started moving again, we all breathed a sigh of relief!

After the scare, and once we got off the truck, there were psychics to visit, and food and drink. That gave us all time to come down from the scare and enjoy other Halloween offerings.

There’s also a super spooky hayride located in the Poconos of Pennsylvania on the Woodloch Resort. I’ve heard about it for years. Another place to visit and give in to fun fear!

One of the creepiest places to go if you’re in my immediate area of Northern California is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Most people know that Sarah Winchester at the turn of the century (after losing her husband and daughter) believed the souls of the people murdered by her late husband’s rifle—the Winchester, were out to haunt her if she stopped building her estate. A psychic told her that, and each night she held a séance to keep the ghosts at bay. There have been true accounts of hauntings at Winchester, but mostly because she created such a maelstrom of energy with her antics.

They offer flashlight tours in October for their Halloween chills and believe me, they deliver! It’s already a spooky place and with the flashlights, it gives you goosebumps the moment you walk in.

Well, there are my suggestions, but just look up your local “Haunts” and I’m sure you’ll have no problem getting your scare on!

Happy Halloween!


for TKS

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