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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 28 - Donna

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 28

Hey, Donna’s back! For people joining today, I am Vivien Kelly’s best friend. I'm also an astrologer, and co-own the local metaphysical bookstore Luna Books with my husband Roger.

Today, I want to talk about front porch/outdoor Halloween décor! This being the 28th day of October, I’m sure you’ve already adorned your front porch or walkway, but I’m going to present some ideas for next year.


Wow! That spider is what I call commitment to the fright! This house must have gotten hundreds of Instagram and Facebooks posts! It truly is an incredible sight. If you go for the scare factor, this is the deluxe example, but you can move through the spectrum to express a level that resonates with you. The boarded up house definitely screams—Beware!

Funny and Cute

You can do all sorts of things with Halloween prop ups that bring out laughter. All of us Nightmare Before Christmas fans will adore this door! Jack Skellington greets you! Uh, oh! This witch has better lay off the brew!

As I was putting together this post, my friend Stacey emailed some outdoor Halloween décor shots from her neighborhood. Great timing! I'm sharing them below. Oh, and the adorable dog in some of the photos is her furry friend Izzy.

Special Effects

You gotta see this! Here's a video of a pumpkin head doorbell in action scaring the local kids! (be sure to put the volume on)

And on that adorable note, I'll wrap up this post. I can hear your minds churning with fresh decoration ideas for All Hallows Eve 2020 right now!

Happy Halloween

Donna for TKS

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