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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 24 - Vivien & Donna

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 24

The Art of Trick or Treating

Greetings fellow Halloweenies! Vivien and Donna, here. We decided to team up to talk about the Art of Trick of Treating. We will share some do’s and don’ts, and a few memories which will delight you!

Donna: "Hey, Vivien, did you ever have a homeowner drop a heavy apple into your bag, only to find your favorite candy bar smashed to pieces?"


Vivien: I know you can’t see us, but Donna surprised me with this question and you should see her face right now! She looks like the apple drop was the worst thing to happen in the history of human affairs! "Why yes, Donna. I did have that happen and the apple annihilated my Hershey’s chocolate bar."

Here Are Trick or Treat Do’s:

Do take the apple into your own hand when the homeowner tries to toss it into your trick or treat bag and carefully place it at the very bottom.

Do allow your fellow trick of treaters to leave the front porch of the home you are approaching, instead of plowing them down to get to the bowl of candy being offered you.

Do trick or treat with an adult if you are a young child (yes, we have a young audience here too), and make sure to be safe and aware of your surroundings. It’s always a good idea to roam about your own neighborhood where everyone knows each other.

Vivien: "Hey, Donna, have you ever dressed up in a costume that required high heeled shoes? I did that one year, and luckily my mother packed some flat ballet slippers, because about forty minutes into my trick or treating my feet felt like red hot pokers!"

Donna: "Why yes, Vivien! I have done that, and I too suffered. I didn’t have another pair of shoes however, and I had to continue walking in stocking feet (I was a Celtic fairy) and I put my shoes into my trick or treat bag for the rest of the night! But I did remember to ‘Carefully place my shoes at the very bottom of the bag’".

LAUGHTER — again, this time from both of us!

Here Are Trick or Treat Don’ts:

Don’t choose an uncomfortable costume. It may seem fine in your house, but by the time you’ve been out trick or treating for hours, you will feel differently. Be amazing, but be comfortable!

Don’t scare the younger children when you walk down the streets. Usually they will be with their parents, but if you’re dressed in a scary costume, just let them walk by. They want to have a fun night just like you. Also, you don’t want their parents mad at you!

Don’t start eating your candy too early in the night. You’ll get a tummy ache and while trick or treating, that’s the last thing you want!

Vivien’s Halloween Memory:

One year when I was about twelve, my mother dressed me up as a Fairy Princess. I wore a snug snow-white costume with white tights, and I held a wand. My mother put my hair into an up do, complete with Aqua Net hairspray locking all my strands into place! It was so tight my hair didn’t move for 24 hours!

Donna’s Halloween Memory:

One time I was trick or treating with my older sisters and we came upon a house that required us to walk through it to get the candy. It was very well done, and they created a haunted house for all the Halloween visitors. Well, guess what? I got separated from my sisters and they were letting people in two by two, but no—I’m the one that got separated and I was scared! One creepy woman made me put my hand into a bowl and told me it was eyeballs! Of course, they were peeled grapes, and it was very dark, but I finally made my way out!

There you have it! Have a magical, enchanting, fun, and delightful Halloween night everybody!

Vivien: "Thanks, Donna, and Happy Halloween!"

Donna: "Well, thank you Vivien, and Happy Samhain to you!"

Vivien & Donna

for TKS

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