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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 24 - A London Halloween

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 24

Hey, everyone!

It's Jason here, photographer for The Kelly Society paranormal cleansing team and I want to share some of the fun and chilling Halloween things I did when I was in London a few years ago. I realized when I was there the most exciting part of All Hallows Eve in the UK comes from London's almost 2,000 years of often bloody and gruesome history that lends itself to tales of ghosts and mysteries.

Museum of London

The Museum of London’s Halloween sleepover includes ghost stories, featuring Jekyll and Hyde and Sweeney Todd, the demon barber. Visitors can also help solve a mystery, and another Halloween tradition will be honored when costumed guests go trick or treating in the galleries, receiving sweets in return for answering questions.

Ghoulish Ghost Stories at the Charles Dickens Museum

Charles Dickens loved a ghost story so where better to spend Halloween than visiting the Dickens Museum in the company of a magician and a fortune-telling housemaid? No guarantee that the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future will be in attendance, but who knows!

Jack The Ripper

The Jack The Ripper Walking Tour, which is popular all year round, but especially on Halloween follows the bloodstained trail of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers in the autumn of 1888. The identity of the killer has been investigated ever since, but never solved. Talk about a Halloween scare!

And then, there is this:

The Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Those attracted to the Dark Arts may want to plan a visit between September 24 - November 7 when the attraction transforms into a Halloween celebration with 100 floating pumpkins and a glimpse of a Hogwarts feast, not to mention you can take on Death Eaters in a live duel. Harry Potter fans can now book tickets to the Warner Bros Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter including key events from Hogwarts in the Snow to a Celebration of Slytherin.

Well I'm off to get some Fish and Chips. I hope you enjoyed my post today and if you find yourself in London Town in October, check out the offerings.

Happy Halloween to all!


The Kelly Society

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