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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 22 - Angie

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 22

Hi out there! My name is Angie.

I love pumpkin patches and I’m a friend of The Kelly Society paranormal cleansing team. I asked Vivien if I could write up a piece for her blog, because I so love searching for the perfect pumpkin. Of course, you can get a pumpkin at the grocery store. They sit out in front ready for a quick purchase. But, the experience of choosing your own pumpkin and partaking in the delights the patch has to offer is much more fun.

Some of the pumpkin patches in Half Moon Bay have a small haunted house attached that people can walk through before making their selection. I also enjoy the decorations and sense of magic instilled into the scene.

But the best part is when kids get to carry off their brand-new Halloween pumpkin in a wagon! I did that every year and my dad would tease me by starting to pull the wagon himself, and then he’d stop and pass the handle to me.

So, get out there and relish the season, and I know you will pick out the best, juiciest, and most magical pumpkin for you!

Happy Halloween!


for TKS

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