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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 2 - Falling Into Halloween

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 2

Happy 2nd day of October! Shawn and Jason from The Kelly Society are here today to welcome our readers. For newcomers, Shawn is Vivien's psychic protégé and I take our photos and videos on paranormal investigations. We charge into haunted houses and clear them out regularly!

We also love Halloween, but we cherish the Fall season that bridges our celebrated All Hallows Eve. So - we decided to share some cool photos we like to call "Falling into Halloween."

Shawn here - and I want to say how fun it was to find several shots of people setting up Autumn/Halloween scenes around their laptop or TV to view their favorite spooky shows. Some of those pics I shared above. Jason and I already decided to do one ourselves!

Have an incredibly joyful Fall/Halloween season!

Jason and Shawn

The Kelly Society

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