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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 15 - Grandin Road's Halloween Hits

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 15

Oooh, I love that life sized Forest Farrah, as they've named her at Grandin Road.

Hello Halloweenies! It's Donna here, your hostess and co-owner of Luna Books (for all your paranormal reading needs).

My post today will be short but impactful, because I love Grandin Road and their Halloween delights! I just want to share some of their Halloween Greatest Hits of outdoor and indoor adornment for our beloved All Hallows Eve. The quality, creativity, boldness, and imagination always astonishes me with waves of joy. This year, my husband Roger and I ordered the 33 Haunted Manor Drive doorbell below, which projects outrageously wonderful sound effects.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and after that, you can view Grandin Road's 2021 Halloween Haven Sneak Peek video and/or their website.

Grandin Road Halloween Haven 2021 Sneak Peek!

I wish you all cheer and frightening fun with your decorating this year.

Happy Halloween


The Kelly Society

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