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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 13 - Rose Flanagan

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 13

Hello! It’s nice to meet you all! I am Rose Flanagan from the Quilting Club of Clonakilty. We took Vivien in as one of our members when she stayed with Katherine and taught her to quilt! We didn’t give her a choice! I will admit, I was new to blog posting until Vivien showed me her website a few months ago. With the help of my computer savvy nephew, I will have a Quilting Club blog up soon.

Now I need to address the photo above. I have a friend named Lisa who lives out in California in a place called Apple Valley. It’s on the way to Las Vegas if you drove from Los Angeles, I’m told. We are actually friends on the internet, as we both belong to the International Association of Quilters. We started chatting it up early on and I let it out that I adore the Harry Potter series. So does Lisa!

Well, what should come into my home on my birthday last month? This gorgeous Harry Potter quilt made by Lisa herself! I know this post is to relate somehow to Samhain/Halloween, but since Harry Potter is such a magical, and many times spooky story—I decided to share the joy of my new quilt!

I love the faces of the characters, the brooms, the symbols, shapes, and all the colors.

After its arrival, I sent Lisa a photograph of me lounging in my favorite overstuffed chair, sipping some chamomile tea, all wrapped up in my new quilt from the world of Harry Potter!

Happy Samhain to all!

Rose for TKS

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