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Witches of Vegas Author Mark Rosendorf 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 12

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 12

Hello Magical Book Lovers,

I'm Julie, Neal Harrington's niece and even though I'm only eleven years old, my uncle told me I could write the post today. Because my future Auntie is a super powerful psychic, Vivien Kelly, I'm also a friend of The Kelly Society - which happens to be the greatest paranormal cleansing team in our town, Half Moon Bay, CA! At least that's my opinion. :) Anyway, I love books and especially, paranormal books. I've found a young adult fantasy series called Witches of Vegas in our local store Luna Books.

I love all the characters and the magic! There's also a lot of action in the story. I really enjoyed the whole series and I'm not the only one. There's a tweet from famous magician Penn Jillette of PENN & TELLER with his daughter Moxie holding his book:

Witches of Vegas Book Series


By day, Mark Rosendorf is a mild mannered high school guidance counselor for special needs students. He has also moonlighted as a magician. Today, he teaches magic to his students. By night, Mark is the author of 'the Witches of Vegas series, a young adult fantasy series which shares the adventures of Isis, Zack, their families and the residents of New Salem with the entire world. He has also published such works as The Rasner Effect through Wild Rose Press.

Mark wishes to thank all of you who have read The Witches of Vegas series. He hopes you enjoy reading their stories as much as he enjoys writing them.

Their adventures continue...

To find out more about Mark, here is his website link

Amazon Buy Link


The Witches of Vegas:

Journey To New Salem:

Witch’s Gamble:

Thank you Mark for the interview and thanks for your magical, fun books!

A Happy Halloween to everyone! Have fun Trick or Treating!


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1 comentário

Jennifer Ivy Walker
Jennifer Ivy Walker
13 de out. de 2022

This is AWESOME!! Congratulations, Mark!!

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