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The Ghost Story Guys Podcast 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 10

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 10

Hi All!

Today Roger and Donna are hosting the post, because we have to tell everyone about our favorite podcast - The Ghost Story Guys! We own Luna Books in Half Moon Bay, CA and are friends of The Kelly Society and often refer people with ghost problems to TKS for all their paranormal cleansing needs.

The Ghost Story Guys is a bi-weekly podcast featuring true stories of the strange and unusual, told with humor and humanity, hosted by Brennan Storr and Paul Bestall. We listen to the show every two weeks when a new episode drops. The hosts are funny, charming, and just - real. They also share some really scary stories and others which are heartwarming. But they start out each show with back and forth conversation, which always keeps us in stitches! We laugh so hard, but then they can turn it all around with a story of compassion. Their banter and anecdotes always resonate with us on many levels. Their listeners also email in stories and comments, and we enjoy those as well.

Brennan Storr Paul Bestall

Brennan Storr is one half of the Ghost Story Guys hosting team, the show's producer, and author of "A Strange Little Place" which has been re-released by Beyond the Fray Publishing. He is also host of the biweekly talk show, "Largely the Truth, with Brennan Storr," available everywhere podcasts live. Brennan can be reached via the show, or his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Paul Bestall is the other half of the Ghost Story Guys hosting team. Paul is skilled researcher and wellspring of information on all things paranormal. He is also host of the weekly paranormal talk show, "Mysteries & Monsters", available wherever you get your podcasts Paul can be reached via the Mysteries & Monsters Instagram or his personal Instagram or his personal Twitter

Here are a few sample shows - take a listen:

Death On The Road Revisited

Those Who Watch You Sleep

Interview with The Ghost Story Guys

Paul Bestall & Brennan Storr

Each day when you get up in the morning, what is it about the mystical, ghostly, and unexplained realm that keeps you riveted?

Paul: Firstly, thank you for inviting me to contribute to this fabulous spooky celebration. I've been intrigued with the whole range of Fortean subjects since I was young so having such a thirst for discovery that every day could lead you to a new case you've never heard of or an experiencer or witness can come forward with an incredible account that can spin your head. No-one knows everything, so every day can expand your knowledge in any aspect of the paranormal and so you never know what you may learn on any given day about any subject and that alone makes it as riveting every day.


Yes, thank you for inviting me to be part of this! As for my interest in the unexplained, ever since I was a kid, I would have dreams about finding new corridors, doors, or other secrets hidden away in familiar places. It occurs to me now that taking an interest in these subjects was my way of trying to find those hidden places in real life. My enthusiasm for the paranormal hasn't exactly been lifelong, though - I'd say it peaked in my elementary school days, back when I was reading every horror novel I could get my hands on, then dipped considerably during my late teens and early 20s, when I was in a rationalist, "the world is only made up of the things I can see" mindset. Once that enthusiasm returned, I was hungry to try and understand more about the world and every single day since then, whether it be in something I read online or in a listener-submitted story, I learn something new. My sense of the world is constantly being challenged and I love that - the only thing I know for sure, is that I'll never know everything, and there's enormous comfort there.

What was your best Halloween ever?

Paul: Well, this is actually quite easy, Halloween 1992. I had recently moved to Sheffield and took over a pub. It was closed for renovations and this particular night I found myself on my own. That night, BBC One broadcast the infamous docu-drama "Ghostwatch" and seeing it first hand has always stayed with me. It was a particularly stormy night and the room I was in had a massive window that kept bowing with every gust, the rain pounding on the glass and it just created a spooky ambience for the night as I then watched three or four of my favourite horror films. 30 years on and my memory of that night is fixed in my mind as if it was yesterday.


My best Halloween ever has to be my final one in Revelstoke, back in 2005 when I really used to go hard. It started at my house, with a group of close friends coming over for a costume party - we had a polar bear, a Droog from "Clockwork Orange", a couple costumes which, in hindsight, are best left forgotten, then there was my friend Max and I fully kitted out as Mario & Luigi. This couldn't have been any more on point, as in terms of stature I was the fire hydrant to his telephone pole, and after downing more than a few beverages we all headed out to the bar. Now, you gotta understand that I'm generally a quiet person unless I'm comfortable in a situation - my laugh is loud, but otherwise I keep to myself. Well, this night, I must have been possessed by the spirit of Mario as I quite literally dominated the dance floor, throwing my not inconsiderable weight around, whiskey in one hand and a lit cigar in the other - keep in mind this is years after smoking was outlawed in bars here; I smoked almost the whole cigar, too, finally putting it out on a table after the waitress gave me an ultimatum. After that my memory gets spotty, but I know that at some point me and Luigi must have gone to 7-11 because in the morning our white gloves were covered with mustard. The only other thing I know for sure was that we were robbed at the costume contest by two Italian gentlemen who, yes, did look like plumbers, but otherwise had absolutely half-assed their costumes and my sole remaining memory before one of my cousins found me sleeping in the entryway to a nearby building, was loudly shouting something about other-Mario & Luigi's mother. At the time I didn't know it would be my final Halloween hurrah in my hometown, but in retrospect, I couldn't have asked for better.

Brennan Storr's A Strange Little Place

book buy link:

Note: Please check Brennan's Instagram and social media as a new version of A Strange Little Place is about to be published complete with a new buy link

The Ghost Story Guys Podcast Link:

For more podcasts produced by

The Ghost Story Guys/The Straight Up Strange Network

click the link below:

The Ghost Story Guys Instagram & Facebook

We wish everyone an eerie and spectacular All Hallows Eve!

Roger & Donna

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