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S.K. Andrews on Author (ish) Podcast

I so enjoyed being a guest on the Author (ish) Podcast hosted by authors Amy Nielsen and Dana Hawkins.

Author(ish) Podcast Episode 07 – Interview with S.K. Andrews author of The Kelly Society Book Series

Check it out on Spotify with the link below:

Amy Nielsen and Dana Hawkins, are authors who elbowed their way through the query process to land publishing deals. They now want to give back to the writing community and help aspiring authors achieve their publishing dreams. Amy brings over 20 years of experience in education and media. Dana brings the knowledge of how she first picked up a pen, wrote three books, and landed a publishing deal in under two years. Together they will bring a conversational style with interviews from fellow authors, podcasters, publishers, and most likely a sprinkling of a few terrible jokes.

Thank you Amy and Dana!

Starra Andrews

aka S.K. Andrews

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