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S.K. Andrews Guest Spot on Jim Harold's Halloween Party 2020!

As you can see, I'm dressed as Morrigan, Celtic goddess of War! Another character from my book Bay of Darkness. I had a guest spot on Jim Harold's annual Halloween party and I was thrilled! The party was so much fun. I got to promote my paranormal series The Kelly Society, and promote Bay of Darkness. Jim also played paranormal trivia with viewers and we delved into the psyche of the paranormal. I shared two very scary supernatural experiences from my teenage years, which inspired me to write in the paranormal genre.

Here is the Utube link if you'd like to check it out, and my bit begins at: 1:34:14. I was on for a half hour, and in between fun trivia viewers popped in. It was funny, spooky, and the perfect thing we all needed this Halloween!

Thank you Jim Harold! Here is the link to Jim's Paranormal Podcasts as well:

Even though I was homebound, I had a magical Halloween 2020! I hope you did too.

S.K. Andrews

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