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Paranormal Author Kitty Shields on Creativity and the Paranormal Halloween Edition

A stylish Etsy pirate woman with hand-made shoulder armor, a Halloween Barbie, pirate and zombie books, a wise old man candle, a new Haunted Mansion mug, exciting folklore behind Kitty’s new book Stone Heart including Edward (main character) fighting an Again Walker after dark in a cemetery, a weaving of supernatural beliefs, haunted Philadelphia starring Benjamin Franklin, a creepy fish pond at a childhood home, revisiting old favorites like The Lost Boys, Nightmare Before Christmas during the spooky season, a haunted nature trail offered by Audubon, and cameos from Jinx the black cat! All this and more on Creativity and the Paranormal with Kitty Shields!

To buy her books and find out more about Kitty Shields:

Check out our interview below:

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