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I'm Featured on Nina Sadowsky's Hollywood Decoded!

This month's question comes from S.K. Andrews, author of The Kelly Society book series and the upcoming release Bay of Darkness a Paranormal adventure born from a Celtic love story centuries old (release date October 2, 2019)

Amazon Buy Link S.K.: You have filled many roles in the entertainment field (writer, director, producer), but do you prefer projects in which you are writing and producing? Or, are you content to be the storyteller and let someone else make the trains run on time? N.S.: This is a great question as it's one I'm often asking myself. I love the ideation stage of any project when the only limit is imagination. Those early stages of idea creation, story problem solving, and refinement are delicious (even with dealing with Hollywood's fabled "development hell"), because anyone in this business is a dreamer and this the stage where dreams are built.

The execution stage, or production, is problem solving of a different sort, and also a challenge I like, even as the limitless dreams of your imagined world are inevitably constrained by the realities of such things as cast, locations, weather, time and money. I suspect I am also a little too much of a control freak to completely hand over my work to others, although I like to believe I am a good and easy collaborator. I do like to do it all; my biggest question is always: will there be enough time?

September 2019 Dispatch from the Cheerfully Dark Mind Nina Sadowsky

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

What summer vacation? While I barely took a breath this summer, it was happily one of my most creative and productive periods ever! NYU LA launched with the arrival of the first cohort of students on August 28th. Our orientation took us all over the city of LA and culminated at OUE Skyspace where the brave among us slid down a glass slide on the outside of a skyscraper.

And I'm official! See the press release here. I also had a prolific writing summer, churning out a new suspense novel and working on several pilots. More news on those fronts soon I hope!

Save the date! Official launch: January 28th 2020 Barnes & Noble at The Grove, Los Angeles, California

Official New York launch: February 7th, 2020 NYU Bookstore Please remember that pre-orders can help an author more than almost anything else, and please check out the relevant links: AMAZON PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE BARNES & NOBLE INDIEBOUND

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