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Holidays After Dark Podcast with Kristin Seering on Creativity and the Paranormal Halloween Edition

An adorable Little Spooky Studio mug, blending two great loves: holidays and all things dark, weird, and gothic, a co-worker who said “You ought to start a podcast” at lunch break, perfect musical interludes between engaging and chilling stories, A phantom “Jack whisker” on a pillow case from a beloved cat who passed away, take a beat before starting a podcast and get your ducks in a row, because once you launch episodes, your focus will be on promotion, have a set idea for your podcast and do something you really enjoy, a mutual fan girl/guys moment with Deck the Hallmark Podcast gang at Christmas Con! And, the age-old debate: Is Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas movie? All this and more on today’s Creativity and the Paranormal!

Creator and Host – Kristin Seering

The Holidays After Dark Podcast is hosted by Kristin Seering, a self-proclaimed holiday enthusiast and lover of all things gothic and strange. Kristin combines her love for holidays and her affinity for darkness into a unique behind-the-scenes look at the mainstream holidays we all know and love.

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Check out our interview below:

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