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History After Dark: The Molly Brown House 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 3

5th Anniversary

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 3

Hey There Halloween Fans!

We are Roger and Donna Lauden, owners of Luna Books in Half Moon Bay, California. Come on by for spooky books, a psychic reading, but most of all come by for Donna's delicious ghost cookies! You'll love them.

This is the part where I tell you I'm a history buff. Not just any history, but Haunted History! So, of course I have to include our visit to the Molly Brown house last year in Denver, Colorado.

The Molly Brown Museum is a home in Denver that belonged to an American philanthropist, activist, and socialite named Margaret Brown. She survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic and was known as the "Heroine of the Titanic." for her service to survivors.

But the Molly Brown house is also haunted.

From Ghost City Tours:

I Ain’t Down Yet

Although the Brown family spent most of their lives traveling the world, their spirit and essence can still be seen and felt throughout the museum.

Many visitors have smelt the wafting aroma of a tobacco pipe throughout the home, despite a nonsmoking policy on the property. Many have attested to this being the spirit of J. J. Brown, Molly’s husband, roaming the house.

In life, he was quite fond of smoking it, and it seems that habit hasn’t changed in death.

Employees of the museum note that many of the light bulbs in the house are inexplicably undone. Some refuse to turn on properly at all. Every so often, they have to check the lightbulbs and make sure they’re screwed in.

Other times, they’ll notice that the furniture has been mysteriously rearranged. Sometimes they’ll even see an apparition of a woman in Victorian clothing doing the rearranging, though no one can tell if the spirit is Molly Brown herself or someone else.

That isn’t to say Molly isn’t around. Tourists have felt cold spots in her room and have even caught glimpses of her turning a corner. She’s not alone either. Her daughter Catherine Ellen is believed to haunt her own room, raising and lowering the blinds.

There are stories of a servant’s reflection mirror near the first-floor stairs. They describe him as having a somewhat dour look on his face. Perhaps he was not a fan of the home always having new tenants.

So next time you find yourself in Denver go take a look! It will be worth your while and you may even get a chill up your spine!

Enjoy the Spooky Season!

Roger and Donna Lauden

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