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Haunted Hayrides! 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 10

5th Anniversary

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 10

Hi Jump Scare Fans!

I had to post about Haunted Hayrides because I grew up with them. They are the best scares I ever got during the Halloween Season. By the way, I am Roger, co-owner of Luna Books in Half Moon Bay, CA. We offer metaphysical books, Reiki healing, and psychic readings. Come in and enjoy!

Enough book store promotion - on to Haunted Hayrides! As a kid my parents took me to the hayrides every year. We did a couple every October, because my family loves them. The sets, creepy actors, and jump scares kept me thrilled. The only costumes that gave me extra chills down my spine (and not in a good way) were the clowns. But, the rest were great.

In celebration of Haunted Hayrides, here are some pics from Hayrides across the USA!

Martha Stewart has put together a list of 15 best hayrides in the U.S. Check it out!

It's time to refresh our Halloween decor, so I have to go.

Be sure to get your hayride scare on!

Happy Halloween

Roger Lauden

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