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Freaky Saturday! Halloween Cozy Halloweentown Movie Marathon! A 31 Days of Halloween Preview

Welcome to Freaky Friday on Saturday!

Today is a preview of:

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Halloween Cozy: Halloweentown Movie Marathon!

Welcome Everyone!

Today your hosts are Vivien Kelly and Neal Harrington from The Kelly Society. I'm Vivien Kelly one of the founders of the paranormal cleansing team The Kelly Society. Neal is our honorary member, since he is my partner and fights alongside us with a huge sword. Yes, we are a sword wielding couple! But a shared past life in ancient times will do that!

What does not require a sword is creating a Halloween Cozy environment for watching spooky movies. We like to do a Halloweentown movie marathon.

So, here are some inspirational images that helped us build an eerie, fun, magical, comfy space to relax and get taken away with Halloween enchantment on screen.

And now a celebration of Halloweentown movies!

Everyone have a spooky, wonderful, fun, safe, and very magical Halloween Season!

Vivien & Neal

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