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Freaky Friday: Sixth Sense Warnings

Have you ever had a bad feeling and avoided calamity? Our "Spidey Senses" as some Hollywood movies call it are always working for us.

Here is how I used this sixth sense in Bay of Darkness:

Outside the window the building took on a menacing shadow, and suddenly the thought of going back to the apartment filled her with dread.

“Viv, what’s wrong?”

Reluctantly, she let him go, allowing her arms to slide down. “Something’s not right.”

“You wait here. I’ll be right back.” Kissing her hand, he got one leg out of the limo.

“No!” Her voice shot out of her throat like a cannonball, surprising not only Philip, but herself. Philip gazed back, concern clouding his eyes. Shaking her head, Vivien wondered how she’d become so paranoid. They’d only left his apartment ten minutes earlier, and everything was fine. What was wrong with her?

Pg. 3

Too bad Vivien didn't listen to her gut that night! Anyway, on a lighter note, I had an experience at lunch one day. I went to a restaurant where you choose prepared food and purchase for take out. I chose from a selection of tomato and cheese sandwiches, but I had a problem picking which one I wanted. I looked at one and the zoomed in on the lettuce leaves sticking out of the bread. Something inside told me it wasn't good. I started to take a different sandwich, but then thought I was being silly. So, I took the bad feeling sandwich and twenty minutes after eating lunch I threw up! Oops! I should have listened to my intuition!

Have any of you avoided a bad situation by listening to your intuition?

Be well and may all your paranormal experiences be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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