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Freaky Friday: Sedona Vortex

Sedona, Arizona is a very spiritual place with a long reputation of vortexes throughout the area. When I took a trip there once, I rented a car and drove in from Phoenix. It was an hour or so drive and when I was fifteen minutes outside of Sedona I suddenly got a headache. I noticed a store on the side of the freeway and had the gumption to remember where I was. The headache lasted about five minutes, and then stopped abruptly.

I had a wonderful healing session that day, ate lunch, walked through the town, and then got back in the car for the trip back to Phoenix.

Low and behold! The exact same spot on the freeway fifteen minutes outside of Sedona I got a headache again. I looked over and saw the same store off the road and the headache lasted exactly five minutes and was gone.

Did I pass through a vortex in and out of Sedona on my drive? Could be!

For more information about vortexes in Sedona click below.

Be well and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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