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Freaky Friday: My Spooky Office!

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

Today I'd like to share my spooky writing office. Lots of paranormal ideas, energy, YouTube shows, and writing happens in this space.

First of all, Mr. Wilbur has been added to my workspace, because he's too much fun! Mr. Wilbur usually hangs out on my front door starting October 1st until the end of Halloween Season, but this year he also makes a cameo on each YouTube taping during Creativity and the Paranormal interviews.

Magical, fun pictures and décor surrounding me also inspires me. By the way, there are reflections on the posters when I took these photos, but who cares. You get the idea.

Here they are:

Most people have seen or know about the movies Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, so they don't need much explanation. They are two of my favorite movies.

If you haven't seen I Married a Witch starring Veronica Lake and Frederic March, it is very funny, spooky, and romantic. I recommend it. Even though it came out in 1942 the film holds its own in entertainment without any blood spilled!

I couldn't resist getting a small version of the original Haunted Mansion poster which people see when they walk into Disneyland (in Anaheim, California), because it still is my favorite ride at Disneyland! I rode it many times, since I'm from Southern California.

My sister and I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway in December, 2019 and loved it! That's back when they had it in Part 1 and Part 2. We saw a matinee, then had a dinner break, and came back for the evening show. It was so much fun! I kept my playbill, decided to frame it, and now a show program adds to the magic.

Rounding out my paranormal wall is my most favorite spooky movie of all time. Yes, you heard me correctly, of all time! The Uninvited film from 1944 starring Ray Milland and Gail Russell is scary, spooky, charming, funny, and romantic--all in one big paranormal ball of entertaining chills! The poster on my wall is the French version (with the title in English), but it is so gorgeous I had to have it. Again, no blood is spilled in this movie, but a spine-tingling ghost appears at the top of a beautiful sweeping staircase in a stunning mansion on the cliffs above a roaring ocean in England. And, this ghost wants our female lead Stella dead! The story goes on from there and you won't be disappointed. It's a fabulous script!

Here is the Hollywood poster:

Last, but not least are the chachkies who don't always make it into the YouTube shows, but are there just for me.

Here's a bonus! Getting shots ready for my Halloween shows!

All of you paranormal authors and/or content creators out there: give me a glimpse of your creative space!

And everyone remember to:

Be well, and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

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