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Freaky Friday: Mummies!

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

Today we celebrate Mummies!

One female mummy in particular will be an integral part of my upcoming book in The Kelly Society series called: Sekhmet the Wicked.

Here is a snippet from scene 1, chapter 1 of Sekhmet the Wicked:

Chapter One

Vivien Kelly peered into clear liquid brimming her martini glass. Three green olives sat against one side perfectly harpooned upon a red plastic sword. She hated martinis. Why did she let the bartender pick her drink?

Through a long sigh Vivien closed her eyes and massaged her forehead. With her recent lack of sleep and vivid nightmares of a screaming mummy, the last thing she needed was alcohol. But Tony insisted or he wouldn’t talk.

I’m waiting to have a drink with a ghost. That’s a new one. She thought.

Opening her eyes, Vivien wrapped her fingers around the stem and took in a blue neon Newcastle Brown Ale sign on the wall before her. She arched back. Almost every inch of space appeared adorned. Harp Lager, Heineken, and Fosters mirrors decorated the ceiling, while rows of beer cans from all over the world stacked high above the bar. Vivien dashed to a particular booth upon crossing the threshold of Cameron’s English Pub. Their resident ghost needed to talk and she knew where he chose to sit. The pesky entity also insisted she order a real drink, but had yet to materialize.

In exasperation, Vivien dropped her head onto her forearms.


Vivien’s eyes flashed open to see John’s face. His wiry grey eyebrows knitted together in concern. Why was he bothering her instead of taking EMF readings for ghostly activity? Looking down, Vivien eyed his hand on her wrist. “What wrong?”

John released her immediately. “You had a nightmare.”

“I was resting my eyes.”

“Vivien, you’ve been asleep for a full five minutes. Then, you started screaming for something to leg go of your arm.”

Throwing her head into both hands, Vivien groaned. “Mummies!”

With a chuckle, John sat down in the booth opposite her. “You’re dreaming of mummies?”

“No, just one mummy. She wants something from me, but I can’t understand her. Then she gets frustrated, grabs me, and screams.”

“Well, I’d love to find out more but our client is very impatient. Speaking of . . .”

A stocky man crossed the floor and stopped in front of them. He rocked back on his heels with a forced smile. “How are we doing?”

She straightened up. “Mike, I promise Tony will be here shortly.”

In seething silence, Mike slowly crossed his arms.

Vivien turned to see her remaining Kelly Society team members Jason and Shawn seated at a table. They peered back at her in aggravation.

Clearing her throat, Vivien pulled her martini closer. “In sixty seconds I’ll get Tony in that seat.”

John rose from the booth.

Mike threw them both a look of annoyance and trotted back to the bar.

“Just lay off the Boris Karloff movies.” John snarked as he followed the owner.

Be well, and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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