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Freaky Friday: Have You Lived a Past Life?

In my book Bay of Darkness, Vivien Kelly discovers she lived a very important past life, which empowers her to challenge true evil in her modern world.

I've always been fascinated by the notion of past lives and have watched many TV shows focused on this phenomenon. For instance, one program followed a toddler who talked about World War II airplanes in detail and his own death in one, when the child had no exposure whatsoever to the subject matter. The boy's scenario is just one of many real accounts of past life memories people experience.

As for me, I have no detailed memory, but something very strange occurs whenever I drive upon a very high bridge over water. My sister and I once dropped off my mom and sister at a cruise ship in San Diego, California. As I drove away I saw the Coronado Bridge, a ridiculously high extended bridge over the Pacific Ocean. I told my sister I wanted to get on the freeway and there was no way I was getting on that bridge. Well, guess what? I took a wrong turn and had no choice but to drive over that bridge. Once we got on the bridge my heart started racing, my breathing became ragged, and I broke out in a sweat. My sister just told me to look ahead and I focused on the other side and did not look down!

This scenario happened again when I drove cross country passing from Illinois to Indiana. I didn't see I was upon a tall bridge over a waterway until I was on it! I shouted some choice words as my heart skipped and breathing escalated. But as before, I kept looking straight ahead. Once I was off the bridge, I was fine.

So, the interesting part of my story is that I grew up in Laguna Beach, California (a small beach town) and we had no such bridges over the ocean in my area. In fact, I'd never driven on those kinds of bridges until later in life. I also have no fear of heights and grew up in a three story house, which was so tall our home included an elevator. So, where did that stress response and extreme fear of bridges come from? I am convinced it's from a past life. There's no explanation for my reaction, especially since I'm not a fearful person. No Nervous Nellie here - I'm always the one leading others through a scary haunted house at Halloween! So, my theory is this: I drove over a bridge and crashed down into water and drowned. Since I was born in 1961, I must have been driving a vintage car, a horseless carriage (first Ford cars) in the late 1800's, or perhaps a horse and buggy. But, I definitely wasn't driving a Prius!

So, have you ever experienced an unexplainable knowing of something in the past before your birth? Or, have you had a strange reaction to a situation that was not you? Do tell!

Stay well and may your paranormal experiences be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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