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Freaky Friday: Haunted Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

Recently I stayed in the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, but none of the following experiences ever happened to me. However, when one of the security guards told my sister the hotel really is haunted, I had to do research!

Here is what I found:

A mysterious blonde haired woman will haunt people's dreams and then they wake up feeling strangled and choking in bed. They all recovered from this happening, thank goodness!

A loud hard knocking at your hotel door will wake you up at 3:00am and when you go to your peek hole, no one is there!

Many other stories exist from suicides to a woman passing people in the hallway looking lost then disappearing before their eyes. But there are theories about why these things happen at the Luxor and why it lives with the tag line, "Most haunted hotel in Las Vegas."

Many paranormal investigators believe the Luxor is haunted because they only have one sphinx in front of the hotel. In Egyptian culture the sphinx statues sit in pairs and it's believed to be bad luck to only have one. They also did not install the eye at the top of the pyramid, which is also bad luck.

Here are some links for ghost tours and more information about the mysterious, beautiful, and mystical Luxor! If you visit, please share any strange incidents you experience.

Until then, be well and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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