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Freaky Friday: Ghosts of Newport

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

Discovering the history of Newport, Rhode Island feels like riding the high seas in a questionable dingy! I mean back in the 1700's a citizen of Newport could choose piracy for their profession! Also, the local government created laws making it impossible to convict anyone of piracy! Needless to say, their economy thrived during their years of plunder.

I do not condone crime by any means, but the history of pirates of Newport amazed me. Of course, ghosts of these pirates and many other souls fill the pages of this very spooky book.

Here are my two favorite stories:

Accusation from the Grave

After an elderly woman dies in a house fire visions of her ghost (and physical evidence) convicts her son of her murder!

Bridge to Nowhere

While constructing a bridge over the Atlantic Ocean workers are horrified to see ghosts on the bridge!

The author John T. Brennan lives in Newport and is a tour guide for Newport Ghost Tours. So, he knows his stuff!

Next week, I'll dive into the ghost tours in Newport and share some shivers from their stories!

Until then, be well and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

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