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Freaky Friday: Ghost Orbs

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

I would be remiss if we never talked about ghost orbs. I know, I know, many people say they are dust on the camera lens or dust in the environment.

But, that theory exploded like a Jiffy Pop left unattended when I was on vacation with my family back in 2009. We stayed in a ranch house near Santa Barbara that was said to be haunted. I didn't experience anything myself, but I had already put a psychic protection of light around me. However, after taking photos in the main living room in front of the fireplace, we looked at them later on and there were all sorts of floating translucent balls of light in the room. I was there when those pictures were taken and I'm here to tell you - I did not see any lights floating about. Also, there was no dust on the lens.

So what were those lights we could not see until we looked into the digital camera?

Or, a better question is: WHO were those lights?

Be well and may all your paranormal encounters be magical!

S.K. Andrews

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