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Freaky Friday: 25th Anniversary of Halloweentown! A 31 Days of Halloween Preview

Welcome to Freaky Friday!

Today is another preview of

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Hi Halloweentown Fans!

Jason, the videographer, and Shawn, the second psychic from The Kelly Society paranormal cleansing team are hosting today. Since we love to take road trips, especially when it comes to Halloween, we traveled to St. Helens, Oregon a.k.a. Halloweentown last October.

The Disney movie Halloweentown was filmed in St. Helens in 1998, and to this day they celebrate Halloween as Halloweentown!

This year St. Helens is celebrating its 25th Anniversary of their Spirit of Halloween celebrations. Besides a parade, they have haunted houses, Halloween vendors, and tours of Halloweentown filming locations as well as the movie Twilight!

Happy 25th Anniversary Halloweentown!

Now, get yourself to Oregon and enjoy Halloweentown!

Jason & Shawn

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