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Bonesie's Monsters, Artist Chelsea Bones 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 18

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 18

Hi Halloween Season lovers!

Shawn is your host today. That's me. I'm another psychic member of The Kelly Society, the best paranormal cleansing team around!

Anyway, I've discovered a fabulous artist - Chelsea Bones, whose works come from the spooky/monster realm of her imagination. The picture above is called the "Angry Familiar." I'm happy to say I own a print, as well as a fun and spooky eyeball wallet.

The girl with a green ribbon

The inspiration for this beautiful piece of art came from a spooky childhood story about a little girl whose head could only stay on with a green ribbon. Once the ribbon was taken off, her head fell off! It was in Alvin Schwartz’s easy reader book, In a Dark Dark Room, published in 1984.

Chelsea Bones Art

Chelsea's Apparel & Accessories


Each day when you get up in the morning what is it about the spooky/monster realm that inspires your art?

I love this question! I have so many muses, it’s funny as I get older I find out about more and more influences that have have been engraved into my subconscious mind thus inspiring my art. I’d say besides horror movies, Halloween/spooky children’s books are my biggest inspiration. I was introduced to horror by my mom at such a young age it was always a part of my reality, but there was something special about being able to pick out my own scary books at the library, book store, and book fairs as a child. I really got to explore and discover what I liked. It felt personal and gave me a sense of individuality! I feel like that inner child is still with me today and her voice projects throughout my art consistently. She is after all the one who inspired and encouraged me to get into art!

What was you best Halloween ever?

My last year living in LA I went to the West Hollywood Halloween parade. It was so much fun! I dressed up as Sweeney Todd! It was so cool seeing the creativity people put into their costumes, they really went above and beyond. West Hollywood really knows how to throw a party too, the music was great, food was great, lighting - all that jazz! So much fun!!

Here is her link to see even more from Chelsea:

Thank you, Chelsea! We look forward to all your new creations, as well as celebrating your current repertoire!

Happy Halloween


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