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An R.L. Stine Halloween 31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 29

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 29

Hi Scary Story Fans!

It's John hosting today from The Kelly Society office in Vivien and Neal's house. Vivien's getting her nails done for Halloween, so I'm borrowing the office space. Usually I'm checking our EMF meter for ghostly cold spots, but not today.

I've been a fan of R.L. Stine since I was a kid and I'm now in my fifties. So, I've been reading his books for a very long time! Just for fun, I thought I'd feature some of his Halloween themed tales of terror. So, enjoy!

The invitation arrived in a black-bordered envelope and was delivered by the beautiful and mysterious transfer student. The inside showed a coffin with the inscription "reserved for You" -- perfect for an al-night Halloween party in an old house on Fear Street.

The party was well under way when the lights went out. That's to be expected at the Halloween party. But when the lights came back on, there was a boy on the floor with a knife in his back. Just a Halloween prank? Maybe. Maybe not.

Now the guests trick-or-treating has turned to terror. And it looks like someone's idea of a party game is murder!


Nothing beats Halloween. It's Drew Brockman's favorite holiday. And this year will be awesome. Much better than last year. Or the year Lee and Tabby played that joke. A nasty practical joke on Drew and her best friend, Walker. Yes, this year Drew and Walker have a plan. A plan for revenge. It involves two scary pumpkin heads. But something's gone wrong. Way wrong. Because the pumpkin heads are a little too scary. A little too real. With strange hissing voices. And flames shooting out of their faces...

Kenny Manzetti was the new kid in town. His family moved back in to an old house to help take care of his grandfather. Everyone in his new neighborhood is obsessed with zombies--even Grandpa Mo. But then a new family moves in next door and their choice in furniture is...interesting.

Kenny is convinced that there is something strange about the new neighbors, but his parents won't listen to him. So Kenny and his friends go in for a closer look. A bad idea on any day, but definitely the wrong choice around Halloween. Will Kenny survive long enough to go trick or treating?

Scott Harmon would be the kid who is most afraid of everything at his school. That is, if it wasn't for his best friend, Amanda Gold, who is just as easily terrified. They really don't have it easy. Scott's younger sister spends all of her time trying to frighten them. She'll do whatever it takes to get them to scream. Scott and Amanda are also tormented by some neighborhood kids. But this Halloween, Scott and Amanda are determined to get over their fears, even if that means spending time in the creepy old house that everyone else says is haunted. And if Scott and Amanda can stop being so afraid, maybe they can even finally get some revenge...

I love my Fall blanket mommy!

Does this mean we're closer to Halloween?

(Audrey's Sister Vivien)

Well, now that I'm shaking in my boots, I'm going to wish everyone a happy and spine-tingling Halloween!


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