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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 8 - Josh

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 8

Hey guys! It’s Josh from Java Hut in Half Moon Bay, CA. I make a mean Pumpkin Spiced Latte, so come on by! We’re right here on Main Street. Also, our organic chocolate chip zucchini muffins always sell out, so get there early.

Oh, and I chose the photo above, because it’s totally cool! Some dude in Hawaii carved out a pineapple instead of a pumpkin. Rad!

Okay, so…I’m totally into Halloween, but right now I’m laser focused on training to be chosen for the Mavericks Challenge Surf Contest! I’m putting out positive energy for that outcome. The competition is by invitation only, so for me to get invited, I need to be my best. Yesterday, my friend Brian called me at like…six am, because the waves were totally awesome! Oh, man! We got out there and I rode the barrels like a winner, and my drops into each wave were perfect! At Mavericks the waves can get up to 60 feet high, and I'm getting closer to that. Wish me luck and send out energy that I’m on the wave…I am the wave. Thanks!

Vivien asked me to share a Halloween memory, so here it is. Last Halloween my mom made me take my little sister around trick of treating, because she and my dad had an emergency at their office. Something with the plumbing. Anyway, I was bummed because Brian and I had our party going on. But—whatever I had to do it. So, I’m taking my sister around and I saw this teenager kick a girl’s trick or treat bag. I pulled him back and said, “Dude, that’s not cool!” He smirked at me and ran off, but the girl’s father turned around (he’d been talking to someone and didn’t see it happen) and asked his daughter why she was crying. She explained what happened and pointed at me, telling her dad that I helped her. The father laid his hand on my shoulder and thanked me. Then, I realized who he was. The guy touching my shoulder was the Mavericks winner from last year! I totally started asking him questions and he smiled and answered all my interrogations! We walked together through the neighborhood for the rest of the night, and he promised to come and watch me ride some waves. Sweet!

So, the universe totally came through for me! I’m so glad I had to take my little sister around.

Happy Halloween everyone!


for TKS

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1 Comment

Marri Nijem
Marri Nijem
Oct 09, 2019

So cool! The universe works its magic when you least expect it!!

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