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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 5 - Haunted Towns of the Old West

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 5

Howdy partners!

Jason here again, your neighborhood videographer for The Kelly Society's paranormal investigations. I've always loved the old west and all its legends, so today I'm posting about a few of those haunted towns of the old west.

Virginia City, NV

Virginia City, Nevada. Most famous for the Comstock Lode, this historic town was a booming mining establishment for several decades in the mid-1800s.

Tourists visiting the Washoe Club claim to see a prostitute known as Lena, walking up a spiral staircase to the second floor wearing a blue dress. People can still peer up at the staircase, even though it leads to a ceiling, due to the upper floors being closed off to avoid a fire draft. A sign explains that it was "featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not as being the longest of its kind without a supporting pole." The staircase was built in the 1870s to provide access to the upper story "Millionaire's Club."

Back in the day people went to Virginia City for the gold, but now we go for the ghosts!

Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone’s most famous place, the OK Corral, was the site of the best-known gunfight in the Old West. Portrayed in dozens of western films and books, the gunfight made a legend of Wyatt Earp and brought Tombstone, Arizona fame. The OK Corral is allegedly haunted by the Cowboys’ ghosts over the years. Several witnesses have reported seeing the fading apparitions of men dressed in cowboy attire, often appearing with guns drawn, perhaps locked into a perpetual battle with the Earps. Others have claimed to have felt numerous cold spots in various areas of the corral.

At Big Nose Kate's Saloon appearances have been made by fleeting cowboy spirits which have been seen at the bar, standing in doorways, and by one account, knocking over cases of beer in the basement.

Placerville "Hangtown" CA

A gold rush town established in 1854, Placerville, California became known as "Hangtown." Because of the outlaws hung from "Hangman's Tree," the name stuck. Now the ghosts of many souls still inhabit this city.

Ironically, the site of the old Hangman's Tree is now an ice cream parlor called Hangman's Tree Ice Cream Saloon, which has now been closed, but back in the day experienced ghost sightings and cold spots.

The Carey House on Placerville’s Main Street is a historic hotel also known for a ghost named Stan. He was a flirty front desk clerk who loved his liquor, gossip, and outlandishly flirting with blonde haired women. History indicates Stan, while on the stairs of the hotel, made a pass at a man's wife and was murdered. Stan now watches the desk clerk's work over their shoulder and many times opens the back office door. Which, of course, means the living will see the door open and close by itself.

The lobby and rooms 208 and 406 are said to have the most spirited activity. Reported sightings include piano music that’s only heard when in a particular location at the top of the first level of the stairs, a phantom cat and an attractive young lady at the bottom of the stairs.

Well that does it! Remember, whenever you visit a Ghost Town in the Old West be open to their vibration, because they will reveal themselves to you. Just don't be scared! :)

Have a dusty road and Sarsaparilla Halloween!


The Kelly Society

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