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31 Days of Halloween with The Kelly Society Day 26 - Pamela

31 Days of Halloween with

The Kelly Society

Day 26

Hi, you guys! My name is Pamela (another friend of The Kelly Society and front desk clerk at Luna Books). Since Donna said she’s posting about front porch décor next, I thought I’d post about indoor décor.

Here are ways to make your home a Halloween Holiday full of enchantment, or humor.

Here we have spooky, but fun, stylish and playful, as well as eerie chic!

Just like the levitating witch hats bring magic to a front porch, so it does inside your house as well. A spidery black scarf brings allure to any side table lamp, transforming it into an eerie delight! Witchy shenanigans in the living room, brings delight to any Halloween night!

Ghosts rising from the floor - how scary! And wonderful!

So, as you can see, however you decide to create your spooky, fashionable, enchanting, eerie, delightful, or funny interior Halloween space—there are unlimited choices out there!

Happy Halloween everyone, and don’t forget to visit Luna Books, just off of Main Street. We have sales going on for the whole month of October from LED gothic candelabras, to dancing white lace ghosts on the end of ball point pens.

Also: Luna Books Trick or Treat Specials on all Halloween chocolates!

Come on down!


for TKS

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